How Do I purchase a Horse?

We assist interested clients with purchasing our horses and arranging safe transportation throughout the USA and Canada.  Horses for sale are posted on the For Sale page on our website.

When you find a horse that you would like to purchase, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.  Once you notify us which horse you would like, we will mark it as “sale pending.”  We will provide you with our Sales Agreement to be completed and returned.  The horse will remain “sale pending” until we receive a signed Sales Agreement and your deposit.  We allow up to 15 calendar days to receive your non-refundable deposit and signed Sales Agreement; if we do not receive these items within the allotted time-frame, the horse will be put back on “available” status.  Any outstanding payment amounts must be received in full before any horse leaves our facility.

What does my purchase include?

Your foal will receive initial halter training, deworming, and their first tetanus vaccination. A booster dose may also be administered depending on their departure date.  You will receive a halter with your foal.  Registration papers will follow (if applicable).

How will transportation be arranged?

Transportation/pickup are typically scheduled for September and October.  We can help you arrange safe transportation for your foal; price for delivery will depend on the transporter.  Please Contact us if you need a recommendation for transport.

Under what circumstances may I receive a refund on my deposit?

Deposits are considered non-refundable.  If a client changes their mind and no longer wishes to purchase their horse, no refund will be provided.  However, if we are not satisfied with a horse’s development, temperament, conformation or health at any time prior to departure, we will cancel the sale and refund 100% of your deposit.  We will also consider transferring your deposit to another horse of your choice should a suitable candidate still be available.


We are familiar with exporting horses to the USA.  We will work with you to arrange the necessary international Health & Export papers and transportation.

Please note: The prices listed for each horse will remain the same regardless if you live in Canada or the United States. For example, if our horse is listed for $1000 and you live in Canada, your price is CDN$1000. If you live in the USA, your price is USD$1000. This accounts for extra fees that are incurred by us for banking, testing and export, etc.

Where can i find more information about a stallion?

Please click the hyperlinks on our Stallions page to see more photos and background information about each of our stallions.  If you still have questions, please Contact Us.

Can I reserve a foal for next year?

Horses for sale are posted on the For Sale page on our website.  We typically post foals once we are confident that they are sound, healthy, and fit for sale.  If you would like us to consider a specific breeding or to reserve you a foal in-utero, please Contact us.

still have a question?

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